Our Story

GMA Capital has been innovating for more than three decades and has always been ready to adapt and evolve to better fit in our everchanging world.

Businesses have become increasingly complex and, as a result, the ways in which they operate have been transformed. Inevitably, the way GMA Capital works has developed too, but the fundamental way that we see the world—our lens—remains unchanged.

This, in conjunction with our innovative, specialist and constant performance-focus teams, together with powerful investment tools and strategies, continues to be a fundamental part of our identity.

Our evolution is all about continuity. But our story remains unchanged, and our focus on our partners endures. We have changed to ensure we remain who we have always been. Still the same strong values and pride in our heritage.

Every interaction, every challenge, is our opportunity to create value. We do it by listening, building personal relationships, and through hands-on experience.

Not merely with spreadsheets and models, but by the in-depth understanding of our portfolio, the people we engage with, and the places where we invest.

We create value through collaboration at every level.
By sculpting and adapting as our partners grow. And by always asking ourselves ‘what is next?’

At GMA Capital, creating value does not begin with the bottom line. It begins with imagining the future.

Still trusted. Still innovative. Still GMA Capital.

Business Overview

GMA Capital provides corporate finance and capital market services to institutional, corporate, and private partners and investors involved in debt and equity fundraisings, private merger including acquisition (M&A), private equity raisings and corporate restructuring.

Additionally, we also provide asset and property management services to maximise the profitability of our investments.

We also invest our own capital alongside partners and investors by undertaking principal investing activities globally to support them. We have been investing for more than 30 years.

Today, our focus remains on the enduring success of our portfolio companies and the communities they serve. It is our long-term approach to building sustainable value throughout the investment cycle.


Financing and delivering superior returns on quality investments.

We continually redefine what it means to be a private equity company, raising the benchmark for excellence and delivering on the rising expectations of our people and partners.

Enabling investments is our focus. Our passion for investment defines who we are and is what sets us apart. It is why we make long-term investments in people who share our passion, people who seek to excel in our engaging and inspiring culture.

With our exclusive focus on investments comes the ability to see the bigger picture. To react faster to the shifting dynamics of the business, industry, and the world. To harness broader economic drivers in ways that enable us to consistently outperform expectations.
We believe that our success is ultimately measured by the pride and passion our people and partners feel through their relationship with us.



We are committed to setting a high industry standard.


Whether financial, investor satisfaction or employee engagement, we are relentless in our commitment to delivering unparalleled results.


We apply a fiduciary mindset to ensure that everything we do, every day, is ultimately about delivering optimized solutions for our clients.


We believe that our business is stronger when it includes different perspectives, work experiences, and educational backgrounds, and we strive to cultivate a firm that represents that diversity.


We challenge ourselves and one another to nurture collaborative conversations and diverse perspectives to thrive and persevere, regardless of the challenges or opportunities ahead, to find the best ideas for our stakeholders; we encourage open dialogue, apply critical thinking and rely on unbiased research and analysis.


We aim to recruit, mentor, develop and retain professionals who display the highest level of professional and personal integrity. We ensure the right things happen.

We are fair but resolute for the benefit of all – our people, our partners, and our investors.


We are proactive, pragmatic and brave in our goals to constantly raise the bar and make GMA Capital better every day.