GMA Capital is a private equity company with a diversified portfolio of companies and real estate assets. We are distinguished by our expertise in credit underwriting and ability to structure and close complex operations, at on a single-country or international scale. We also proactively manage our portfolio of subsidiary companies to meet their ongoing growth capital needs and to further enhance their value further.

Our sophisticated solutions to complex underwriting challenges provide our partners with

Access to
Future financing for growth and expansion

Corporate Finance

GMA Capital combines specialist expertise, innovative thinking and flexible capital solutions to enable our partners to turn an opportunity into a reality. 

Our corporate finance capabilities are underpinned by deep specialist expertise across a range of industries, and a full spectrum of capital solutions, from debt, equity and private capital raising to investing own GMA capital to enable new opportunities.

Deals worth

Over €1.2 billion, and as advisors of more than €6 billion.


Ability to co-invest our capital with our partners.

Deals completed

Over 500 corporate deals complete.

GMA Capital addresses individual partner challenges and originates opportunities, thinking beyond individual transactions to become a trusted partner over the long-term. This, combined with our ability to invest our capital together with our partners to enable new opportunities, sets us apart from other financial services companies. From origination to execution, our unique combination of ideas, capital and expertise are transforming opportunity into reality for our partners around the world.

We act as a provider of partnership capital — representing a truly unique offering to our partners and affiliates. We match their needs with investment strategies across specialist sectors and geographies, using a variety of capital structures.

GMA Capital continues to expand its core competencies, leveraging advances in technology and methodologies to bring the best service experience to its partners and investors. Our core vision as a company is to achieve sustainable growth while maintaining integrity and transparency in all of our business dealings.

Capital Markets

GMA Capital provides its partners and investors with strategic solutions to their capital concerns. As a recognised company in the investment community, our professionals offer transaction management and deal structuring to deliver exceptional capital solutions for their private, corporate and institutional partners and investors.

As such, GMA Capital offers a full suite of capital raising, investment and development capabilities; we connect capital with opportunity for our partners and investors around the world.

Mergers & Acquisitions

GMA Capital handles strategic and financial issues including M&A, divestments, takeover responses, debt and equity financing, capital management and restructuring.

Private Capital Markets

GMA Capital has a specialist capability working with global institutional investors on private capital transactions across both debt and equity markets and unlisted and direct investment opportunities.

Equity Capital Markets

Underwriting of equity and hybrid issues, with access to the expertise and global distribution strength of GMA Group.

Debt Capital Markets

Debt underwriting and lending services across the full spectrum of debt markets, products and sectors.

Asset Management

In the same way that underwriting and structuring of new investments create value, proactive asset management is required to maximise value by repositioning existing assets through re-leasing and restructuring and taking advantage of market opportunities for strategic dispositions and capital recycling.

From the moment you engage with our experienced team, we will be working together towards something beyond conventional asset management: a strategy that is designed to bring the best possible return on your investment. We are always working towards a master plan tailored to each asset to identify strategic dispositions and accretive investment opportunities through expansions, renovations and follow-on transactions with existing tenants.

Executing on our proactive asset management strategy, we will always aim to identify and increase the value of an asset. We achieve this through refurbishments, rethinking property use, feasibility studies, adjoining landowners and partners to unlock new, more profitable possibilities. This, in turn, results in driving operational improvements to accelerate income growth, and we continue to meet the ongoing needs of our tenants and enhance the value of our portfolio.
Through our domestic and international asset management activities, we proactively address contract expirations (lease management franchising and other hybrid formulas), changing tenant credit profiles, asset repositioning, dispositions and other value-creation opportunities.
Our asset management capabilities include, but are not limited to:
Expansions and build-to-suits
Building efficiency retrofits
Asset optimization

Property Management

We understand that the priority for our partners and investors is a property that transforms an asset into a valuable investment.

And that is why we work with the best systems and the best people.

GMA Capital provides comprehensive property management services for all our real estate investments with the aim to maximise a stable rental income. 

The key to successful commercial, technical, financial, and marketing property management is constant support and a clear strategy. 

Through a personal approach of regular communication, attentive customer service and practical problem solving, we build strong working relationships with tenants. Together, we ensure the timely collection of rent, smooth daily management and a high standard of satisfaction for both tenant and owner

Behind all our property management services is a team dedicated to providing effective financial back up through innovative processes and systems.

GMA takes care of the crucial invoicing and collection procedures, ensuring all reporting is on time and completely accurate. 

Experienced in liaising with banks and investors, our finance team has a single focus: optimisation of financial procedures. Moreover, we take every precaution to avoid technical problems, but if they do occur we respond effectively to service requests, provide excellent facility services and fulfil all contractual rent issues.

Our experience equips us with a nuanced knowledge about what tenants find important and what matters the most to them.

Our management team has a deep understanding of the global energy marketplace and the variables affecting the price of oil, gas and renewables. 

Handling the energy sourcing and security of a property is one of the many services that allow us to make informed procurement decisions, and minimise the running costs of assets under our management. 

All this translates into the optimization of property performance and a maximum return on your venture that aligns with your investment horizon.

Technology Opportunities

GMA Capital Technology Opportunities aims to help growing technology companies reach their full potential. We focus on companies in large, growing end markets with innovative or disruptive technology where we believe we can support transformational growth.

Our team has in-depth experience supporting growing technology businesses—bringing together differentiated backgrounds in private equity investing as well as our nuanced understanding of markets. 

We invest behind fundamental long-term tailwinds as technology penetrates across industries, creating a large and growing number of investment opportunities. Our team focuses on three priority sub-verticals: Application Software, Infrastructure & Security, and Fintech & Payments.

Our asset management capabilities include, but are not limited to:
Building efficiency retrofits
Asset optimization


We partner with disruptive founders to accelerate their ideas to market.
Mid-market control buyouts
Well-positioned companies with strong products and/or market positions and potential for operational improvement or strategic repositioning
Tactical opportunities
Situations where we believe GMA Capital’s global network, value creation capabilities, and creative structuring create opportunities for attractive risk-adjusted returns
Late-stage growth capital
Minority investments in high-growth companies with disruptive products or business models that have proven traction in large markets
Cross-platform investments
Opportunities in priority sub-verticals where we believe we can leverage capabilities to collaborate with GMA Capital affiliates