GMA Capital is committed to giving back

Since GMA Capital was founded, we believed —and that belief is reinforced each day— that our business, by its very nature, promotes prosperity and that our responsibility does not end there. We understand that good corporate citizenship is fundamental to good business and creating long-term value for our partners and investors.

We employ these principles across our operations as part of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) programme.

Corporate Citizenship

GMA Capital is brimming with a sense of philanthropic duty and passion for building and fostering productive relationships between our company and our communities.

As good stewards of our community, GMA Capital continues to support educational programmes through our participation in Solidarity Tourism developments and relentless commitment with the United Nations Global Compact.

We also encourage our employees to make a positive impact on their community by participating in charitable activities, sharing their time, skills and enthusiasm with others. Our employees help enhance and improve our communities through youth development, education, hunger relief, healthcare, arts and restoration. 

GMA Capital also matches certain charitable contributions made by our employees and our Board of Directors.

Environmental Practices

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in both our corporate offices and in our investment portfolio.
In our offices
Our commitment to sustainability is largely demonstrated by how we manage our day-to-day activities in our corporate offices, including our: