Our Investment Approach

Executing on our portfolio strategy, a cycle-tested process founded on four key steps has allowed us to grow our investment portfolio while maintaining its diversity and mitigating downside risk.

We apply the same four key steps to each acquisition and disposition:

In-depth study of each individual operation
Criticality of the asset to the subsidiary’s business
Overall quality of the operation
Structure of
the operation

In our portfolio

We invest for the long run through both our acquisitions and our commitment to sustainability. We remain focused on socially responsible investments (SRI) that add value to both our investments and the larger environment.

As part of this growing initiative, we have an ongoing tenant outreach programme to encourage them to join our sustainability efforts, providing education, ideas and support for property-level sustainability solutions. In addition to our environmental efforts in our own headquarters facility, we are proud to own several sustainability-certified portfolio properties.

Our comprehensive capabilities span all sectors as follows:

Real Estate
Hotels & Resorts
Food & Beverage
Health & Wellness
Financial Institutions
Infrastructure (parkings)
Green Energy
Waste Management
Skills Training & Talent Development

Participating Companies

GMA Corporate

A company dedicated to the independent managed of Real Estate investment vehicles, specialized in hospitality assets and tertiary projects.

With more than 30 years of experience in the the international market, GMA manages its own and third-party investments, assuming different roles depending on the type of vehicle, from pure management to the figure of investor-manager.

In recent years, the team has participated in more than 500 hotel transactions and has been involved in hotel projects worth more than €6,000 million. Today, it manages around €1,200 million in assets and is a founding partner together with Bankinter of Atom Hoteles SOCIMI, S.A, the vehicle it manages.

Atom Hoteles SOCIMI

The leading Real Estate Investment Trust in the Spanish hotel investment market.

ATOM HOTELES SOCIMI S.A is a publicly listed SOCIMI (Spanish REIT) focused on the hotel industry in Spain.

Incorporated in January 2018 by Bankinter and GMA Capital, and subject to the SOCIMI tax regime. Today ATOM is the the 1st Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the Spanish hotel investment market, and 2nd largest hotel owner in Spain.

Atom Hoteles SOCIMI is managed by GMA, and currently owns 28 hotels , with 6.626 rooms, that represent a portfolio value of more than 700m€.

We focus on the acquisition, management and development of real estate assets for lease in the hotel industry.

VICTORIA Hotels & Resorts

VICTORIA HOTELS & RESORTS is a company incorporated in 2021, by Bankinter Investments, Meliá Hotels International and GMA Capital, who is also acting as a manager of the corporation.


The company is made up of eight premium assets due to their location and high potential, totaling 1,789 rooms and an asset value of more than 200 million euros.


Its portfolio consists of holiday hotels in established destinations and Meliá Hotels International is operating the hotels.